Pfalzimpression: Königsbacher Idig

Ich liebe meine morgentlichen Runden durch die Weinberge. Neben frischer Luft und dringend notwendiger Bewegung, bieten sich  immer wieder neue Eindrücke und Inspirationen… Wie diese Impression aus dem Königsbacher Idig, wo die Sonne gerade die Sandsteinmauer in wunderbaren Nuancen leuchten lässt.

IDIG. One of the top vineyards in Pfalz. First documented as early as in 1387, this historic site is home of outstanding Rieslings. Today famous for the Christmann winery, some 200 years ago owned by Von Buhl. Love passing it during my morning walks… . . . @wines_of_germany Deliver the facts: Since the German wine law of 1971, when vineyard boundaries were redrawn, the site has been about 16 ha/40 acres in size – considerably more than the original, medieval site of 7.5 ha/18.5 acres. Some 75% of the site is sloping, and the rest – specifically, the core parcels – quite steep by Pfälzer standards. In terms of microclimate, Idig is south-facing, protected from cold winds by forested slopes to the west, and shaped like a basin, thereby resulting in high temperatures – natural factors, all of which help grapes achieve a high degree of ripeness year after year. Loam and clayish sand predominate, but the soil of the original parcels is a relatively rare Tertiary marl mixture of limestone and clay underpinned by limestones. According to Steffen Christmann: “The soil is reflected in the wines’ distinctive salty, mineral tone that lends them elegance and a silky texture; ensures that their acidity is well integrated, i.e. even dry wines are never ‘sour’; and enhances their longevity.”. . . #wine #winelover #riesling #pfalz #idig #weinstrasse #tyskaviner #germanwines #historicsites #vineyard #vineyards #pfalzliebe #vinresa #grandcru #grosselage #vdp #grossesgewächs #winetour #winetravel #vineyardwalk #instawine #latergram #beautifulplaces #winesofinstagram #photooftheday #pfalzweinproben #fromlarssonwithlove

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